Why You Should Learn HTML And CSS?


As part of a suite of languages for Software Development, HTML and CSS are essential languages for everyone who wants to get into the field of programming in the tech industry. HTML is a hypertext markup language, programmers use it to divide paragraphs of text, article titles, links,… and CSS is a language used to format sections of elements created from HTML to help it become more diverse, abundant, outstanding by color, decoration, changing page structure…

To better understand the two languages above, here are the top reasons why it is useful code worth learning and will help you launch your career in the technology industry.

  • Applications are multi-industry

As mentioned above, these are two basic languages ​​that help you set up a website, a tool for programmers understanding the structure and operation of a website clearly and when you grasp that fundamental knowledge, you will be hunted in many fields such as marketing, advertising, and design… As a marketer, knowing how to create a web that allows you to design more effective advertising campaigns. Or if you’re an SEO expert, knowing your site’s structure can help you refine your company’s long-term strategy and plan. What is more special is that programmers can use their HTML knowledge to design a more effective email to send to customers.

  • Freedom to explore and create

While platforms like WordPress and WIX exist to give you free templates to build a website with until you learn HTML and CSS you can confidently design your own unique website without relying on any platform. Also, when armed with knowledge of web development based on these two languages, a software developer can create a website on their own without having to pay another third party to do it save us some huge costs.

  • Easy to learn, easy to practice

As fundamental web development languages, HTML and CS provide simple sets of rules that define how to code and are easy to learn. In fact, HTML uses a tag-based structure that is easy to understand even without any prior technical experience, for CSS with just a few taps you can master it like a language of its own.

  • A stepping stone to help you learn another language better

Most people who learn HTML and CSS are seen as a foundation to learn more complex programming languages like JavaScript. Because when practicing these two languages, it can help you understand more deeply the programming rules or simple structure of the code or even point out learning methods that help you to continue and remember faster when you are learning programming languages.

Recognizing the useful uses and features of HTML and CSS in the work of a programmer, in the series of events of the academy – American Code Lab built workshop Code 101 Explore Software Development and Careers to share the knowledge of how to design a website based on HTML and CSS language. More specifically at the end of the event, you will practice on Replit platform to write a program in HTML and CSS programming language to create your own unique website. If you are interested in Software Development or want to practice your programming skills, don’t miss our workshop Code 101 Explore Software Development and Careers. It will help you discover many surprises about technology as well as the exciting of HTML and CSS programming languages.