Why is English an indispensable skill in the career of software developers?


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When working for a US technology business, an experienced programmer with solid skills can expect to earn between 60,000USD – 75,000USD/year (Các lập trình viên ở Mỹ có thể kiếm được bao nhiêu tiền mỗi năm?, Phạm Hải). The desired income level of many programmers, but foreign languages become a big barrier for them to achieve their expectations.

In which, English is the main language that IT guys need to “conquer” in both domestic and international markets. The four reasons why programmers need to be proficient in English are provided below by American Code Lab

1. Remove barriers in communication

In the era of globalization, language is the main bridge between one country and another, more specifically, between people around the world. Especially, today’s technology field requires you to work and communicate in a multinational environment. Therefore, the ability to communicate in English is essential, as it will help you communicate as well as participate in meetings with customers, read project requirements correctly.

2. English is the ladder to help you advance

Earning a wage in the thousands of dollars indicates that you are skilled in both hard and soft skills, with English being one of the most crucial skills. When you are fully equipped with expertise, soft skills and fluent English, you will have the opportunity to receive the trust of your superiors, from which you will be assigned to large international projects working directly with important foreign partners. Because of this, it will promote promotion, increase salary and help you get more good benefits from the company about workshops and English courses.

3. Expanding knowledge capital

Because most of the knowledge of the technology industry is still being drafted from English textbooks. Therefore, you must possess specialized vocabulary and reading comprehension ability to quickly access new knowledge, as well as practice self-programming every day. Remember tat in the 4.0 era, science and technology have advanced beyond our ability to keep up with them, necessitating daily updates.

4. Improve logical thinking skills

You can develop your memory and practice your logic by studying English everyday. Additionally, reading specialized English literature will help programmers learn new and intriguing topics, develop their knowledge, sharpen their thinking skills, and assess challenges for their future work..

In a series of community events, American Code Lab made the decision to arrange a mock interview workshop in English for IT guys with three rounds of professional interviews based on the global standard model of today’s technology firms.

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