Who is the Founder & CEO of American Code Lab?


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Legendary Founder & CEO of American Code Lab – Mr. Michael Nhat graduated with a master’s degree from the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School. He previously held the role of Solicitor in England & Wales, a member of the Honor Society of Middle Temple (London, UK). In addition, he is the founder of VNX CAPITAL, a private equity investment platform focusing on Vietnam’s development trends, as well as the Co-Founder of May Fountain LLC – Vietnam Investment Advisory, national and international independence investment advisory platform.

Michael Nhat’s current salary?

It was revealed that there might be up to 9 numbers. 

What has Michael Nhat done to reach his current position?

Besides improving knowledge day by day, Michael Nhat believes that communication is a crucial skill to having his current success. In which, learning English is the most effective way to boost communication skills in the era of globalization. Michael Nhat’s ability to adaptably utilize English in a variety of contexts and circumstances has improved as a result of his experience studying and working in an international environment with partners.

Understanding the necessity of English on the career development path of youngsters today, Michael Nhat has initiated the workshop Mock interview in English for IT guys, which will be held on February 12 https://forms.office.com/r/DSnz5LSbNa. Register as soon as possible to avoid missing the chance to talk with others about their English-language learning experiences as well as career development orientation in the information technology industry from CEO Michael Nhat.

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