Difference between QA and QC

The concept of QA/QC is no longer strange to the control system of the enterprise, but in each field these positions have their own characteristics to ensure the correct nature of the work. In the technology industry, QA/QC occupies a quite important position because their task is to ensure the precisely production process and quality of products/services before delivering them to customers.

On the other hand, the QA/QC position always goes together to provide a set of qualified products to meet customer needs. We need to make a clear distinction, these two positions have different natures and tasks in the process of serving the job.

So what is QA/QC actually? What work will they do during product control?

QA stands for Quality Assurance, which is the person who will set the rules and production process of certain software, application, or website,… In other words, Quality Assurance is like an inspector, monitoring the production progress while the developer completes the product to meet the customer’s needs.

Specific tasks of Quality Assurance:

  • Develop and define a set of standards for performing inspection and testing on all processes followed by monitoring all testing methods, and maintaining high-quality standards for the workflow.
  • Guide the workflow to ensure that all departments involved in the project can do it through documents, forms, etc.
  • Evaluate the quality management system periodically, then make timely and reasonable corrections to help the company’s or project’s operating cycle run as efficiently as possible.
  • Constantly updating the quality assessment forms on the market in the technology industry, to ensure an objective and appropriate product evaluation.
  • In particular, QA is responsible for reminding and supervising the project development team to complete the work on schedule as prescribed.
  • In addition, QA in the technology industry is also the person to contact and receive customer comments and feedbacks through adjusting the reasonable plan for the work of the Developer/Programmer.

What knowledge and experience do you need to be a QA in the IT field?

  • First, QA needs to have basic knowledge of the technology industry, understand the operating mechanism of software and specialized tools to propose reasonable processes and solutions. The person working in this position ensures a certain understanding of the basic concepts related to programming as well as development keywords to help programmers meet customer expectations.
  • Understanding of CMMI, ISO… certificates in the software to build standard processes for teams/working groups.
  • QA needs to have knowledge in many fields to grasp the softwares that their team is developing.
  • Communication skill is essential for QA to confidently work with project members.
  • The ability to organize and think logically is a must that every Quality Assurance needs because arranging the process of each project requires visual perception based on each person’s thinking to make the right decisions, suitable for each project.

Those are the a brief overview of QA knowledge, on the other hand, whether QA’s work is effective or not depends on many different departments and it requires diligence and adaptability to meet customer expectations for any business, any product at any given time. What worked yesterday may not work today – that’s why QA should continuously update and developer with services and products. 


Regarding the position of QC, also known as Quality Control, this is a subset of QA, if QA ensures quality and product implementation, then QC is the person responsible for quality control. Find errors for the Developer/Programmer executed before delivering to customers.

Specific tasks of Quality Control:

  • Identify bugs and imperfections of software/applications/websites…
  • Inspect and operate products before delivering to customers.
  • Plan to test software/web,… of the project.
  • If there is an automated test process, QC is responsible for writing a separate Code for Automation testing.
  • Based on the different requirements of each customer’s software/application, QC needs to learn and determine how it works to create a suitable test case.
  • QC needs to record and store errors that have occurred to serve as a document to help the Developer/Programmer learn in the next project.

What knowledge and experience do I need to do QC in the IT field?

  • We have 2 normal QC positions, Automation QC and Manual QC, for the QC Automation position, you need to have experience and knowledge of Code to program the codes for Automation test. QC position does not require a background in programming but still requires the basic knowledge. 
  • QC need to have knowledge in many fields, and understand the products of the team/implementation team to be able to make an assessment based on customer requirements.
  • When working in this position, you need to be careful and meticulous to find errors as well as avoid cases of omission during product testing process.
  • In particular, QCs must use testing tools to complete the task of testing software/applications/websites,… to meet customer needs.

In general, QA/QC has different duties and responsibilities, but the main purpose of this position is to bring benefits to businesses and customers. These two positions when combined will bring the following benefits:

  • The most perfect created product;
  • Saving costs for businesses because if the product has errors, it is forced to spend large costs to correct them;
  • Improve product disadvantages to satisfy customers;
  • Optimize teamwork;
  • Products for new projects will be more refined through evaluations and lessons learned from QA/QC;

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