Vietnam IT Market Report – Tech Hiring 2022


The strong flow of 4.0 technology globally and Vietnam in particular has made the IT market constantly become dynamic. Typically, the arrival of new technology trends such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of things (IoT), Big Data, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Accompanying it is the scarcity of high-quality human resources in the IT industry because currently the number of graduates still cannot meet the practical needs of businesses.

Under the outstanding activities of technology companies and recruitment demand from the market, the salary of IT staff is at the top of the highest-earning industries in 2022. According to the Information Technology market report in the year 2022 of Top Dev, Senior programmers have a salary ranging from $860 to $1,510. Managers (five years or more) or higher positions surveyed range in compensation from $1,410 to over $2,300. Especially in the fields such as: NFT/Blockchain, High Tech(AI/ML/IoT), and Fintech are in the top 3 highest earning industries and are considered a prominent trends until 2025.

mức lương lập trình viên theo trình độ và lĩnh vực. Mức lương cao nhất ở lĩnh vực NFT/Blockchain, Hight tech, Fintech
Image 1: TopDev VN

However, it is a fact that the supply of human resources in the market has not fully met the demands of employers. This is also a big challenge for HR and candidates because, according to TopDev’s survey, up to 67.5% of businesses have the need to recruit qualified IT staffs (knowledge, skills, experience…). That has created stiff competition among programmers, and at the same time it has become an opportunity for talented people to prove their position on the road to success. In addition, the report provides data on the number of freelancer jobs expected in the Information Technology field to increase from 5% to 13% in the near future. Moreover, the demand for IT recruitment is also growing strongly from countries around the world, opportunities for programmers are not limited to only Vietnam but also reach far on the international map.

mối quan tâm của nhà tuyển dụng trong khối ngành công nghệ.
Image 2: TopDev VN

Accordingly, based on TopDev’s report, we can see that Vietnam is a potential market in the field of information technology, and it is promising that in the near future there will be breakthrough technology products by Vietnamese programmers. As an American standard training center, American Code Lab confidently trains a team of elite programmers to serve the market needs and the general development of Vietnam. Currently, we are doing our best to build and adjust advanced educational programs to create effective and optimal learning methods for learners.

American Code Lab Academy is in the process of enrolling for future courses, if you are in need of improving your quality of life with an attractive salary in the field of technology, contact the American Code Lab Fanpage immediately for direct advice. 

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