Top Coding Languages To Get A Job


Starting to become a professional programmer, besides studying frameworks, database technology, algorithms, etc., the first thing you should learn is programming languages. Programmers all use lines of code written from programming languages to develop many applications, websites, platforms,… Here’s the list of top programming languages you should add to your own source of knowledge to easily develop career.

  • Python: A new language that is easy to read, easy to understand and helps programmers write code faster than other languages. Python’s strong point is a number of free modules or frameworks. You do not need to write a lot of code, just find the proper framework and include them in your project. For web programming, Python has two notable frameworks, Django and Flask, which support programmers in code development. Besides, Python is used to develop many advanced applications such as game development, data science and machine learning,…
  • JavaScript: With the title “king of the web”, JavaScript language programmers are hunted by many businesses during the period when the web programming market is flourishing. More importantly, this language’s structure is not complicated, user-friendly. There are many JavaScript frameworks that make it easy to build user interfaces faster like ReactJS, Angular, Vue.js,…
  • C#: With many outstanding advantages, C# is applied in many fields such as: Windows applications, game development tools on the Unity platform, and both websites and mobile. In the age of technology, almost businesses are looking for programmers to develop different applications. There are fields such as: human resource management, sales management, library… all need human resources qualified C# programming language to ensure the high efficiency of the work.
  • Ruby: This is a popular high-level language in web and mobile programming. Learning the Ruby language well will make it easy to use Ruby on Rails – a framework for creating web applications. Currently, Ruby is experiencing amazing growth in recruitment demand when applied in many fields of work in life, such as Custom Database Solutions, Content Management, E-commerce…
  • PHP: As the leading language in terms of usability on the Website platform, it also supports object-oriented programming to make it easy to use. PHP has always had a community of interested programmers supporting and building a lot of tools. Therefore, candidates who are fluent in PHP become a great advantage when submitting CV to national and international businesses.

Above are some programming languages that are widely applied in the field of software development in particular and technology in general. However, to become a real programmer, you need to cultivate more knowledge and skills than just learning a single language. At American Code Lab, you will be able to participate in professional training courses to support your future career development.

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