Top 5 Websites For Programmers To Practice Coding Skills


The most important factor in achieving success is to continuously improve yourself, which includes writing code. Programmers must develop their skills at every stage of the appearance process. A strategic focus on your skills will showcase your qualifications as the right candidate for the job and give you an edge over the competition. Those who are newbies to this competitive industry, in particular, must try numerous times to keep up with their peers. American Code Lab presents the top 5 coding websites with high interaction in 2022

Let’s find out what they are.


On FreeCodeCamp, you can complete coding challenges and create nonprofit projects. One such free online programming community includes tutorials for learning various programming languages as well as coding practice with a variety of interactive exercises. FreeCodeCamp is also a free platform that offers top non-profit programming certifications to programmers.

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You can use Python and R on this website to explore data science resources and practice coding. On this website, programmers can begin with free courses which provide sufficient knowledge and practice based on available data without overspending to upgrade an account.

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Codewars is perfect for those who have just started solving coding challenges and are looking for a beginner-friendly website, especially students. You can learn hundreds of languages, including C++ and C#, as well as Ruby, Python, Agile, Java, Scala and numerous high-level others. Codewars instructs software developers how to code in detail by presenting them with intellectually challenging tasks. It will assist you in improving your programming knowledge and experience.

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GreekforGreeks is one of the most popular coding websites out there. This is a nice platform for you to find programming information for free while still maintaining high quality. This contains the most comprehensive, well-calculated, and well-explained data science or coding tests, quizzes, and much more, all provided by leading experts to assist users in gaining experience and improving their coding skills.

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The site is popular not only with newbies, but also with senior programmers who use it as a support tool. Hackerrank covers a wide range of algorithms from beginner to advanced, including topics in Java, Python, Ruby, and data structures. Even if you’re working for a company, the platform’s exercises can help you test your code and find bugs. Furthermore, you can get a variety of important certificates which are related to the IT major issued by Hackerrank to add to your resume in order to appeal to employers.

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The websites listed above are typical resources for improving coding skills and advancing careers in software development. Practice right away so that you have the experience and knowledge to become the one who are hunted by the employers.

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