Python is a high-level coding language with concise writing; along with that is the advantage of easy-to-understand, easy-to-read, easy-to-remember and has been preferred to used in the programming process. According to the survey, the salary for Developers who can use Python language is up to $107,000/year, which is considered to be the second highest salary in the IT industry. Therefore, the Python language that is being hunted by many programming developers is gradually becoming a money-making opportunity for those who want to enter the technology industry.

American Code Lab Academy introduces some reference materials for learners of Python coding language from beginning to advanced:

Ebook “Python tiếng Việt siêu cơ bản” – Võ Tuấn Duy

This is a complete set of documents in super basic Vietnamese, for beginners to learning Python. The author has summarized the main ideas about Python language in 15 chapters, helping learners have an overview of this language and easily absorb the most basic principles of Python code writing.

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A Byte of PythonPython – Swaroop

Is one of the free books on programming in Python language. If you are someone who doesn’t know anything about programming languages, this is a worthy book to read because it will help you to have a basic to in-depth knowledge of the Python language, for those who already have a fundamental knowledge of C++ can still read this book to supplement knowledge.

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Think Python 2nd Edition – Allen B.Downey

This is an introductory book to Python programming for beginners. It starts with the basics of programming; edited in the most thoughtful and easy-to-understand way so that learners can identify Python terms as well as advanced knowledge in each different chapter. Compared to the two documents above, Think Python has both recursive and object-oriented programming, divided into a series of smaller steps and the author introduces in several chapters.

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Automate the Boring Stuff with Python – Al Sweigart

Other than the above, this is a practical guide. All the knowledge in each chapter is carefully worded, not only to help readers supplement their knowledge but also to practice based on detailed instructions from the author on the Python programming language.

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Marketing Games with Python and Pygame – Al Sweigart

This book is the sequel to “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python”, the special thing that anyone who wants to get into Python code can not miss is that after reading you can build some of the games you like. In addition, you can develop some practical applications under the knowledge of “Marketing Games with Python and Pygame”.

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Teskuso youtube channel

This is a channel for teaching Website development programming with Python language system with 1.81 million subscribers. The channel owner teaches free lessons from beginning to advanced in Python language, which you can self-study at home through this Youtube platform. On the other hand, in addition to absorbing information about the Python language, you can also learn about knowledge related to programming in particular and technology in general.

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Programming Python – Mark Lutz

An ideal book for programmers who have mastered the fundamentals of Python programming and is ready to learn how to use their skills to get real work done. The documentation includes in-depth tutorials on different application domains of Python, such as GUI, web, and system administration. The book also discusses how databases use languages, word processing, frontend scripting layers, networking, and more. It also explains commonly used tools, language syntax, and programming techniques through a concise yet precise approach.

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Fluent Python – Luciano Ramalho

This is a hands-on guide to help you learn how to write useful Python code using the best features of the language. The author will walk through Python features and working principles to help you make code shorter, faster, and easier to read.

Fluent Python covers different concepts such as: Python data model, data structures, functions like objects, object-oriented,… user manual for advanced Python programmers. The author is Luciano Ramalho – Developer, who has worked with some of the most important portals in Brazil using Python and has his own Python training company.

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One of the famous websites that teach Python for free, providing advanced and accurate knowledge that can help learners practice right on the web platform. In particular, after each lesson, there are exercises and the results will be displayed after you program. But more importantly, it also provides a wealth of Python-related knowledge such as: Python videos and podcasts, access to the Python developer community, the latest Python news, events, and applications in Python technology flow.

Web Link:

Website Python Spot

In addition to the essential of the Python language, the site includes a series of tutorials to help you work with databases, web development, GUI development, graphing, game development. This is a platform worthy of reference for those who already have a basic knowledge of Python and want to upskill on their journey to conquer the future in the technology industry.

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Obviously, Python has grown tremendously over the years to become one of the best choice for developers working in many different fields. This is a good sign for newbie or senior developers to improve their Python language skills to develop their career path. American Code Lab has carefully collected 10 reputable Python documents from beginning to advanced, hope it can support you in the learning journey.

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