Will AI gradually take over people’s lives or will IoT always be the leading trend in the world of convenience? What will be the technology trend of 2023?

Following the development of 2022, this year the world will be immersed in the golden era of technology with leading trends such as: artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of things (IoT), metaverse , cloud computing and network security…

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial technology has been storming the market in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. The most obvious evidence is ChatGPT, the top keyword searched all over social networking sites with outstanding features and became the fear of Google when it was more optimized than the company’s search engine. According to Globaldata, The Artificial intelligence (AI) field will be worth $93 billion by 2023, up 12% from 2022.

IoT: Convenience and intelligence are keywords for life in the 21st century, so the Internet of Things is like a “lifesaver” that helps people solve many problems quickly with smart devices. The GlobalData enterprise IoT market will grow to $650 billion by 2023, of which $315 billion will come from smart cities and $335 billion from the industrial Internet.

Metaverse: With a sophisticated design, this technology helps people experience and interact in real time. Instead of just viewing digital content, users in Metaverse will be able to immerse themselves in the space of the virtual digital world in the most authentic way. According to many official sources, this is the direction of the future, CEO’s Meta said.

Cloud Computing: According to GlobalData, this field will grow to a value of 734 billion USD by the end of 2023, an increase of 15% compared to 2022. Because the cloud storage space achieves many conveniences and optimizations. User confidentiality leads to certain reliability in users.

Cybersecurity: The area of top concern for security when cybercriminals are increasingly sophisticated with complex market developments. In Particular, the situation of network security technicians in Vietnam is very scarce. The shortage of human resources is a great opportunity for those who want to apply for this field. According to estimates by GlobalData, the global cybersecurity industry market will grow from 125.5 billion USD in 2020 to 198 billion USD in 2025.

Besides, some fields such as: blockchain, robot, quantum computer, ect have not shown any signs of cooling down in the market, this is also one of the leading technologies in the future to contribute to changing the world.