Job rotation is not difficult with American Code Lab


In a period of constant change in the market, the trend of changing industries has increased continuously in all fields. When the 4.0 technology era blooms, an increasing number of people embark on the technology field, and the number of people from outside the industry entering this profession increases dramatically.

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So, is it really difficult to learn IT and are there many obstacles if you are the one with unrelated degrees? Don’t worry. American Code Lab is here to help you with all of your questions!

Knowledge is essential: All problems are easily solved when you have a firm grasp on the knowledge from fundamental to advanced. However, for those who are not in the field, this is often the most difficult challenge because they need to work and work twice as hard when they have to spend a period of time equivalent to 4 years of university to make up for their deficiencies in a new field. As a result, you can take advantage of short-term intensive bootcamp at the centers to shorten your study time and be guided by practical projects led by experts in the field.

Short-term and long-term planning: To avoid going astray again, you need to clearly define your goals and plans in each period especially for the peculiarities of the ever-changing IT industry more contingency plans than just starting to learn but not knowing your next direction.

Promote your own strengths: For example, if you are a genuine Marketer, switch to IT. You have a flexible mind, high creativity, understanding of user’s insight and experience and can completely turn that into a strong point when starting a web programming job. Because every product you create is aesthetically pleasing and makes customers happy. In addition, you can emphasize those strengths in your CV to impress the employer.

Join programming communities: Currently, there are many reputable programming communities on Facebook, Zalo, Telegram and other platforms where you can join and learn from experienced seniors. Or some question-answering sites such as: Stack Overflow, GitHub,… are also places worth participating in looking for knowledge or opportunities.

A clear learning path: Making a plan without a specific study schedule is still a major shortcoming. Because most IT guys have good self-study ability, but for those in the other industry, self-studying freely will easily lead to knowledge overload, which leads to confusion and boredom. Choose a quality and reputable training center for yourself to be provided with a clear curriculum or at least have a schedule to control the time and study program.

Currently, American Code Lab has a program that is appropriate for all subjects, including fresh graduates who need to gain experience, those who know nothing, and those who have worked in the IT field and want to upgrade their self-leveling skills. In the near future, the academy will launch a full set of Full Stack training programs for beginners with a standardized international program from a premier American partner – Code Fellows.

If you want to experience a day in IT before really diving into this industry, you can join the American Code Lab’s Meta Programmer Training Program on January 8. We will provide all the knowledge and skills to become a programmer.

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