Internet of Things (IoT) Trends in 2023


Besides Blockchain, AI, the Internet of Things (IoT) is gradually becoming a familiar term with a dense frequency of appearances in the press and media in many fields and gradually becoming a trend which will lead the wave of technology in the year 2023.

We can simply understand IoT as a network that helps connect smart objects and devices via sensors or software and other technologies. It enables objects and devices to collect and exchange data with one another in order to improve communication. Turning on a smartphone’s light bulb is an example of IoT technology.

IoT works by connecting to the network on the Internet and the transmission of information is not dependent or directly affected by humans, so gradually this network of things becomes a useful tool that any field can use. Every field must incorporate it into their work. More than 43 billion devices are expected to be connected to the Internet by 2023. It will create, share, collect and help businesses use data easily and flexibly.

Here are 5 IoT trends that researchers predict will become the technology storm in 2023.

IoT in healthcare

Medical experts and many specialists believe that based on the touch of this technology platform, it will become a useful tool to supplement them during surgery when the patient’s indicators or problems during surgery will be sensed by the smart device and automatically reported to the doctor’s apparatus. There are also a number of smart watches that measure your health indicators such as Galaxy Watch 5, Apple Watch Series, … or Spo2 sensor meters. We can monitor our health every day and automatically anticipate and prevent dangerous situations for ourselves.

IoT in the production line

Large corporations and manufacturing plans will always be interested in IoT because of its exceptional capabilities. The IoT sensor devices will assist factories in quickly detecting errors in production lines. This will become an effective support tool to help managers and workers ensure the quality of output products and their own safety during the production process.

IoT used in Machine Learning and Data Analysis

The data analysis and the information processing system of Machine Learning in AI are currently based on IoT devices. As previously stated, intelligent devices can exchange data with another via the Internet space, and programmers have taken advantage of this opportunity by exploiting sources extracted in devices with the operation of smart devices Iodine. Some large projects such as intelligent apartments, and automated city areas,.. are based on a combination of machine learning and the Internet of Things.

IoT combined with 5G network

5G, which is expected to replace 4G, is quickly gaining the attention of large enterprises as well as consumers and it is predicted to be a catalyst for industries when family members are ready to upgrade to 5G. More importantly, the introduction of 5G networks serves as a springboard for future strides of IoT. Because it supports smart devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets, … to access the network 10 times faster than current LTE according to research by Star Dust. This incredible connection speed will help IoT devices work even more powerfully in the future.

IoT in security issues

This is a global concern because people keep using IoT devices and updating personal data in cyberspace which will make it easy for user information to be stolen. Cyber-attacks are also likely to occur in the future. Many companies have recently poured billions of VND into researching and building firewalls to help protect user’s information, so it is predicted that in the future the cybersecurity industry will become super hot when combined with IoT.

The Internet of Things keeps promising to touch all fields in the future, and many scientists believe that this technology is changing the world when combined with AI. Advances in technology have promoted the continuous development of the world, we have every reason to be optimistic about the future with such remarkable developments.