How To Become An International Software Developer


Many people dream of becoming international programmers when they enter the technology industry, so what makes this position so appealing?

International programmers are simply understood that they still perform the same tasks as other ordinary programmers, but they are superior to fully converging elements that meet international standards. These individuals can work for multinational corporations, international companies, and so on. With the development of the Internet and the increasingly flat world, it is not difficult to imagine yourself programming at a computer company in Vietnam but being paid thousands of dollars by a foreign company or being directly recruited to work abroad.

However, not everyone is qualified to work as an international programmer. You need to go through a period of practice, practice professional knowledge and all soft skills as well as the ability to use the English language. Here, let’s take a look at some important factors that an international programmer needs to have.

  • Constantly updating new knowledge: Each international school is always fluctuating and changing every second, forcing programmers to continuously improve their knowledge to ensure they can overcome challenges in international projects. Especially in the process of implementing the project, there will be constant changes that need you to firmly grasp the skills and knowledge to handle it flexibly and quickly.
  • Thinking is a must: When there is good logic, you can think and write algorithms to make the program run quickly and limit errors and errors in the process of building software, platforms, games and so on. This is a prerequisite for international companies. When having logical thinking, programmers will complete the job fastest, saving time to do other jobs in multinational companies, the volume of projects and tasks is quite large that you need quick thinking, multitasking ability and high working speed.
  • Don’t limit your ability: To become a national programmer you need to work on your expertise and diversify your abilities. Because customers always give a lot of different requirements, if you are only proficient in one area, it will not be enough, so expand your understanding and work hard to add relevant knowledge together with popular trends to enhance their value in the international environment.
  • International programming certification exam: You should start studying for international certifications right now to ensure your level with employers. At American Code Lab, after completing the programmer training program, an international certificate is guaranteed by Code Fellows – the leading technology training unit in the United States. Besides, you will be connected to work at the world’s leading technology companies in the academy’s ecosystem.
  • Finally, English is the key factor for you to become an international programmer because it is the bridge that helps you communicate with not only customers but also colleagues, partners… Besides, most Specialized programming documents are all in this language, so you must be good at foreign languages.

Currently, American Code Lab is opening English courses for IT sector with international standard curriculum that follows reality. Learners will practice with experienced instructors and in their own working process. The American Code Lab language brings not only knowledge but also a level of communication proficiency for IT professionals. In addition, the academy’s training courses are all awarded with international certificates sponsored by the leading educational unit in the United States – Code Fellows. We are committed to supporting you throughout the teaching and learning process as well as career and workplace orientation after graduation.