Github – Social network for developers


Github is an online software development platform used for storing, tracking, and collaborating on technology projects. Github becomes a place where programmers can consult and improve their skills when it hosts millions of projects with open-source code.

Almost every programmer has a Github account and considers it as a social platform to exchange and learn. Specifically, on this platform, people can expand their career opportunities in the field of Information Technology.

Here are the details to help us understand why most developers join the Github platform and also what prompted the American Code Lab academy to disseminate it to all learners in the training web programming. 

Social network connecting programmers

  • Github is not just a website, it is a special version of a social network that allows developers to interact through the comments on projects. In addition, setting up your profile information, which will publicize to the user community information about owning projects, contributed projects, web activities and people can share their own codes, works,… with each other.

Easy source code management

  • You can open any project of your company or team on Github platform and follow its development. In addition, you can allow anyone who has access to edit, contribute, and change your project for the better. That helps programmers gain a lot of experience and expand working relationships in the industry.

Improved coding capabilities

  • As mentioned above, when you have a Github account, you can actively copy the open source code to your computer and practice on it. Besides, you will practice with real projects from businesses. At that time, self-analysis and thinking activities help you approach professional knowledge more proactively.

You can track project changes

  • Like Google Doc you can track the change history of the project, including: who edited, what edited, and when changed,… That helps the project owner manage it effectively and helps programmers easily recognize bugs to improve for future projects.

Github helps you score with employers

  • Most businesses appreciate developers with a Github account because they understand that those people have good practice skills, always improve their knowledge and sometimes have successful projects of their own. So, if you are just starting out as a software developer, set up your own Github account to support your work.

If you are newbie or are still not familiar with how to use the Github platform, join our premium web developer training program. American Code Lab academy shares from A -> Z the information you might be concerned about Github and shows methods to help you optimize your work efficiency on it. More importantly, the speaker will establish the core content of Git and Github to help you distinguish the working system of these two tools.