Explore Web Development Frameworks Expert Need To Know


Frameworks are pre-written pieces of code that comprise a set of frameworks and packaged programming libraries. They provide built-in features such as mockups as well as other elements to simplify the development of rich, dynamic web applications. The framework gives developers access to the most fundamental functionality of the suit they are about to create.

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American Code Lab helps you summarize the top 5 most popular web frameworks right below:

  • Ruby on Rails

Built with free and open source code base on Ruby language. Ruby on Rails has numerous advantages that many programmers want to take advantage of including: The implementation syntax is very simple, concise and easy to understand, ensuring the best usefulness for programmers; with its development speed and abundant source code, this framework allows us to accelerate the development of MVP applications and create high-quality web applications on a reasonable budget; for complex requirements, Ruby on Rails can still be deployed quickly and logically. Because of the above features, many famous platforms are used by Ruby on Rails such as: GitHub, Basecam, AirBnB, Hulu,…

  • AngularJS

Considered as one of the best frameworks for rich and varied web development. Because Angular JS was created specifically by Google, it has high reliability and some detailed documentation will be updated in time on the latest Google version. In addition to it, there are numerous third-party integrations that can be easily added, allowing software developers to improve the overall functionality of their client’s websites. Besides, Angular’s Dependency injection helps quite a lot to the programmer when developing a large project where the website is expected to execute some complex functionality by AngularJS.

  • Vue JS

Vue is a JS-based framework that allows developers to create desktop and mobile apps with a web interface. No less than Ruby on Rails, Vue JS has also become the “beloved” of programmers due to its outstanding utilities. When the jQuery library is minified, Vue compressed to about 29KB is a small ecosystem, you don’t have to worry about performance. Because of its simplicity, programmers can acquire it quickly. Also having native support for TypeScript allows developers to migrate their apps from Angular to Vue easily.

  • Express.js

Express.js is a Node.js web application framework for developing website and mobile applications. Because there are many standard features of Node.js, it helps programmers save time writing code. Besides, Expressjs provides HTTP and middleware functions to create a simple and easy-to-use API. As a result, this framework has contributed to the development of numerous well-known web applications, including MysPace and Uber.

  • Spring

Used to create popular and highly functional websites like Wix, a complex website building platform that fully meets the demanding requirements of customers. The core features of Spring Framework can be used to develop any Java application, besides it also has extensions to build web applications on Java EE platform.

Furthermore, choosing a particular framework depends on the nature of the project, each project is different. If the project is large and long-term, it is better to use a combination of Angular/Vue or React with Express. With the background knowledge about popular frameworks, American Code Lab hopes to support you in the journey of building and developing websites.