Digital transformation - the key target of Vietnam to 2025. 
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“Digital transformation is a process of complete and comprehensive change of individuals and organizations in the way of living, working and production methods based on digital technologies.” – Authority of Information Technology Application, Ministry of Information and Communications. This is Vietnam’s long-term goal until 2025 and it can be said that the outstanding development of technology is a great stepping stone to promote Vietnam’s digital transformation process to become more effective.

To do that, the Prime Minister approved a digital transformation program with three main pillars: Digital government, digital economy, digital society creating new changes to improve the quality of life comprehensively for the citizen. Concretizing the transformation program is a set of basic goals set out until 2025, opening the door to digitalization in all activities of society.

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The first can be mentioned as the task of developing digital government, improving efficiency, and enhancing operational effectiveness. 100% of the national database is created from the e-Government development platform, 100% of the public administrative procedures that are eligible according to the law are provided with online services at level 4. Besides that is, except for top-secret records of state agencies, 95% of provincial work records, 80% of district work records and 60% of commune work records will be handled in cyberspace through the management of public records authority of the state. The Government has set a target that at least 80% of administrative documents will be processed completely online and at least 90% of people and businesses are satisfied with the handling of administrative procedures on the electronic portal. In addition, 40% of the management of state agencies is done through the digital environment and the information system on the electronic portal. In general, these are the basic goals in the first stage of digital transformation in the state apparatus, but there will be a breakthrough in the future when all activities are synchronized according to the digital model.

Next is the development of the digital economy, improving the competitiveness of the economy. With economic orientation as the spearhead of the nation, its development is a testament to a prosperous country. So with the current booming technology platform, the Government is determined to rely on it to innovate into a digital economy, creating a premise for long-term development. According to the approved program, the digital economy accounting for 20% of GDP has an important position in the process of changing the face of the country. The economic proportion in all fields and industries must reach at least 10%, especially in a number of key and spearhead fields such as banking, finance, commerce, energy industry,… above 25%. The important thing in this transformation program is with the goal of boosting labor productivity by at least 7% per year. All of the above indicators are the premise to achieve the larger goal of helping Vietnam become one of the 50 leading countries in the competitiveness index and in the group of 35 leading countries in terms of innovation.

The final pillar in this digital transformation program is the digital society, improving the quality of life and social security. For this item, the Government requires that by 2025, fiber optic broadband network infrastructure must cover over 80% of households; universalization of 4G mobile network services reaches 100%, 5G mobile network reaches 40% to commune to ensure that the proportion of the population that can pay via e-wallets reaches over 50%. On the other hand, Vietnam will strive to be in the group of 40 leading countries in terms of network safety and security. These criteria are aimed at people’s fulfilled life, technology digitizes all activities to ensure a comfortable and time-saving life.

As far as we know, digitization is one of the first steps of digital transformation in work and life in Vietnam; technology can be considered the best tool to support digital transformation, innovating the whole way of working under the motto of optimizing time and achieving high efficiency. Therefore, the technology industry is given special attention at the present time and in the future, the Government has approved a lot of supportive policies for businesses in the field of technology to promote its development. This is a great opportunity for companies and individuals working in this industry and we should seize the opportunity to pave the way for our advancement.

For American Code Lab academy part, we are taking the advantage of resources to be able to train a professional, powerful IT team that contributes a small part to the general development technology industry to quickly help Vietnam achieve its digital transformation goal. Besides, the academy always creates its own values ​​with the aspiration to reach out in the market and the mission of creating sustainable value for the community has been set out, we promise to bring breakthroughs in the future for the technology sector.