QC 202
LogiGear Certificate Test Professionals


Looking for top-notch strategies, test methods and skills needed to effectively test increasingly complex software applications? Are you ready to jumpstart your testing career to help resolve software testing challenges faster and find bugs sooner?

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Automation Testing Training – Applying ABT Methodology, this course helps students to understand the key concepts of Automation Testing, which can be applied for any functional automation testing tools, and put them in use with hands-on practices using TestArchitect. This module also focuses on other skills beyond testing techniques to help a new test engineer successfully survive and effectively contribute as a new team member in a test team.

Program Highlights

  • Practical experience instructors
  • Worldwidecurriculums
  • International certificate
  • Help a new test engineer successfully survive and effectively contribute
  • Tutoring 1:1

Objective learner

  • Good English skills for reading materials and doing exercises
  • Have basic programming skills
  • Age: 18+


  1. Reading Technical Documents
  2. Reporting Progress: Status Report
  3. An Introduction to Automated Software Testing
  4. An Introduction to Action-Based Testing
  5. An Introduction to TestArchitectTM
  6. TestArchitectTM Next Generation – Best Practices
  7. A Day in a Life of a New Test Engineer
  8. Essentials Skills for Working Effectively in an Outsourced

Material Requirements

  • You are required to supply your own laptop, Chromebook, or iPad with a keyboard.
  • Applications for practicing

Course Details

Length: 54 Hours

Tuition: Contact for price

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