Comparison between Coding Bootcamp and Traditional Education


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In the last few years, at information technology academies, the Coding Bootcamp model has received a lot of attention. What exactly is Bootcamp, and how effective is it compared to the conventional college and university curriculum? Let’s explore with American Code Lab.

Bootcamp is a short-term, high-intensity programming training model based on practical experiences from the center’s instructors, especially for “non-techies”, this is the most optimal door leading to the future of the technology industry.

Purpose: While Bootcamp is a model for training programmers with practical knowledge and meets the needs arising in industry 4.0, the traditional courses focus on training information technology engineers with foundational beliefs but lack of actual skills.

Duration: With a focused study period of 3-7 months, Coding Bootcamp builds a training program of knowledge and necessary skills to help learners have the opportunity to study along to work, thereby speeding up the pace. Committed to making learners able to work in real projects quickly. Especially for learners who are looking for the shortest way to enter the technology field, the Bootcamp program will be a suitable solution. In contrast, for traditional courses, it may take learners from 2 to 5 years to be able to equip themselves with enough knowledge from foundation to advanced.

Cost: Bootcamp is an appropriate option for learners, with a short course duration, so living and travel expenses will be significantly saved. Contrary to Bootcamp, traditional courses seem to take up more costs when the study time is in years. Moreover, you are also required to study directly at the school, so there will often be many other living expenses.

Content: With the Bootcamp model, the program focuses on programming knowledge, tools and skills to meet the needs of real work in businesses. Textbook content is regularly updated to reflect current technology trends, gaps and errors. On the other hand, traditional courses focus on background knowledge. Learners must spend a period of time practicing, learning about actual activities in enterprises before they can work officially.

Technology application: The program at Coding Bootcamp applies many new and updated technologies to enhance learning efficiency. Particularly for traditional courses, the technologies are often not innovated, so the traditional learning content will focus more on theory than practice.

Career-oriented: Bootcamp and traditional basic courses both train professional programmers and high-quality technology engineers. But for learners in traditional courses, it will take more time to get used to the environment outside of school, need to learn and experience to gain more real combat experience.

At American Code Lab, we have a specialized, standardized international Bootcamp curriculum suitable for all participants. Besides, the lecturers have many years of experience and have worked on many international projects to ensure that they will impart valuable experiences to you.