ChatGPT of  OpenAI could be a world-changer


It can be said that 2022 is the explosive year of artificial intelligence when a series of AI tools are released and popularized to the masses. Surely we can’t forget a long time Midjourney dominated the news feed and any one of your acquaintances can become an artist with the help of AI. In addition, it is impossible not to mention ChatGPT, a new artificial intelligence product, released by Open AI in the last months of 2022 and has really taken the world by storm. In particular, according to an official source from Bloomberg, Microsoft is in the process of negotiating with OpenAI to buy this super chatbot with an investment of up to 10 billion USD. This action serves as confirmation that the time when AI will rule the market is quite near.

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We can understand in the simplest way, ChatGPT is an automated bot has the ability to communicate with users through text and fulfill their requests in a programmed capacity. This tool is built on the huge GPT-3 platform and can write code and help programmers create certain technology products.

ChatGPT is the equivalent of InstructGPT that uses reinforcement learning with user feedback to improve language models and tailor them to better suit our instructions or requirements. That means that this bot not only fulfills requests in the field of technology but also in many different industries. All questions about culture, history, geography, math,… are exported by ChatGPT when requested by users.

The direct human activities with chatbots through conversations have proven that the natural language processing capabilities of AI are entering a new phase and in the future there will be outstanding strides. However, there are many people who fear that the ChatGPT tool will affect our careers, such as coders who are always worried about the vision that they will be quickly eliminated when users just need to write commands in the chatbot they can output snippets perfect code. But based on the current information and how this chatbot works, this is completely remote, because it can only answer each single question separately and support the coder to write the correct code and cannot self-made now a finished product like a human. Even with history or geography programs, ChatGPT is a tool to gather information already to answer for us, but it is not the creator of great human events.

If we know how to use it properly, this is a tool to promote the future of mankind, obviously only humans can control the future and machine tools are the means to help us do that. Currently, the technology market is constantly evolving, leading to many innovations in human life and we should use all tools intelligently to achieve the highest efficiency.