Blockchains and practical use in

In the trend of digitizing data and applying technology to business operations, we can mention several industries that are currently considered to have great potential to apply Blockchain, it can participate in the process of operating businesses, building a data management chain with a certain transparency such as:

Education field: The education system upholds the honesty of the quality of training and degrees for pupils and students. However, at present, the problems of fake diplomas, low-quality training processes, and cheating in exams are happening massively and are difficult to control. The solution to all of this is an identity verification system powered by Blockchain. By pre-programmed algorithms, the Blockchain platform can censor the accuracy of updated data. For example, it is applied in tracking transcripts, certificates, training content, or evaluating the teaching level of teachers and students’ learning progress to adjust to the training program.

Supply chain management: This is a profession that requires high accuracy in inventory, storage, and movement of goods. However, the amount of work and data that needs to be updated in this field is quite large, so it is necessary to have a safe and highly confidential information storage place. The working mechanism of the Blockchain blockchain platform can completely do this in the best way, along with the transparency of origin is an immutable feature that makes protected data difficult to be penetrated as well as not.

Medical field: It can help with drug tracking, thereby limiting the number of counterfeit drugs floating in the drug supply chain. This is possible thanks to the way Blockchain stores data. When a new drug is recorded with the supply chain, it generates a bunch of information, including a hash number stored in the blockchain.

Banking sector: This is the area that needs to limit the most risks because banks contain a lot of confidential information of customers. Blockchain becomes a useful solution when it can secure customers’ personal information, limit management costs as well as decentralization to avoid data loss due to illegal intrusion. The application also helps to authenticate customer information, limiting cases of information falsification. Besides, Blockchain also manages and limits the risk of technical problems before making transactions.

In addition, there are many potential industries to effectively apply the Blockchain platform, improve work productivity and eliminate many limitations in operation and data processing. For example, in the field of real estate, volunteering, corporate-personal financial management, insurance-human health.

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