It can be said that AI technology is the greatest breakthrough of human intelligence up to the present time and it is predicted that it is the key to opening the future door of the world. Gradually, all activities of human life and production have the presence of Artificial Intelligence; with the support of AI technology, our quality of life and work productivity are both enhanced to meet the development needs of society. Here are some activities and industries that are being applied by Artificial Intelligence. 

Business field: The development of technology has significantly changed the face of the retail industry as well as other business services. The act of integrating Artificial Intelligence into apps for customers and internal company helped to increase revenue and customers’ loyalty significantly. For example, LoweBot – help to answer the questions and direct customers to where they want to buy products and cashiers with just verbal commands; My Starbucks Barista mobile app of Starbucks – customers can chat with the virtual Barista and pick up their order at the nearest store without having to wait in line; payment applications using Face ID or fingerprints help consumers save time and chain stores simplify payment methods… In addition, some applications such as Youtube, and Facebook are integrated AI to analyze customer needs and behavior through collected data helps increase advertising effectiveness of businesses.

The development of technology has significantly changed the face of the retail industry as well as other business services.

Manufacturing field: AI technology has helped to apply automatically model production lines, reduce cost and save time for businesses. The participation of Artificial Intelligence in the production process has support people increase labor productivity, creating surplus value many times higher than the industrial way in previous periods. AI concurrently performs many positions and functions in production plants such as: Automatic quality control – To improve the standardization and increase product quality thanks to the usage of Artificial Intelligence to check all flaw in the production process, it can be said that even a small hair cannot pass through the eyes of AI intelligence; Robot – It is gradually replacing many human positions in the processing line, the robot can move automatically to complete the assigned task in the most accurate way based on programming without supervision of engineer; Predictive Maintenance – With the installed algorithm and the collected data AI can make conclusions about the machine condition and detect abnormalities for the manufacturer to take for maintenance. Besides, AI also has many functions such as big data application analysis, failure cause prediction, derivative design, environmental impact assessment,… 

Medical field: Artificial Intelligence is trending strongly in the medical and healthcare fields. Google AI Healthcare researchers invented an algorithm called LYNA (Lymph Node Assistant), which can analyze stained patient samples to identify metastatic breast cancer from lymph nodes. In particular, this algorithm can recognize and analyze some suspicious areas that the human eye cannot see when doing biopsy tests. Or some other application can detect cancer cells based on analysis of chest X-ray screen. Others, AI can assist people in the process of drug research, optimize individual treatment when the application of Artificial Intelligence can identify factors in the body that need to depend on each person. Diagnosing different types of diseases is also one of the benefits that researchers are exploiting in this artificial brain.

Medical field: Artificial Intelligence is trending strongly in the medical and healthcare field

Hospitality field: With advanced algorithms, AI technology has solved a large number of problems in the hotel management industry. We hear a lot about the names of virtual assistants including: Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa, they work on the principle of automatic speech recognition (ASR). This way of working helps employees receive information and requests from customers and provide timely and effective handling and methods for customers. In addition, the application from Artificial Intelligence participates in the process of improving customer service through analyzing customer feedback data, as well as predicting travel trends at each other time to help promote the development of the tourism – hotel industry.

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Logistics field: AI technology has an important role in warehouse management, under intelligent algorithms applying AI can arrange transportation orders as well as goods in stock, collection and data organization quickly for the most efficient supply chain management. In addition, the application of AI is increasingly popular with a number of vehicles and tools such as: Self-driving cars, drones, warehouse robots – supporting the process of moving and inventorying goods quickly and economically, save labor costs for businesses. With the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, it can make the customer experience better for the company’s services and at the same time support the development of the business.

Daily housework: This is probably not too strange to us, especially women, they have had a lot of time to take care of themselves as a result of the support of AI applications. The phrase “Capable Wife in Industry 4.0” seems to be quite familiar with tools such as dishwashers, smart cookers, clothes dryers, kitchen hoods, garbage cans… In recent years, Robot Vacuum has blown women’s minds, because it integrated with AI technology to automatically identify obstacles such as hair, bags, wires,… and save housewives a considerable amount of time and effort. Soon, most human activities will be simpler and more efficient thanks to the development of AI.

The above are some applications of AI in daily life and of course, many industries have applied Artificial Intelligence to create a premise for common development such as: Entertainment, banking, art, marketing, agriculture, finance, law,… This weaving has helped people a lot in their journey to open the future door, promoting humanity to a new level with great inventions perfect.

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