[American Code Lab x UNICEF] Career orientation in IT field for teenagers to children in special circumstances


Children are the future of the country and education plays an indispensable role in the cause of cultivating people to promote the general development of society. Recognizing that as well as wanting to contribute a part to the nurturing of young people, American Code Lab joins hands with UNICEF Viet Nam (United Nations Children’s Fund in Vietnam) to organize a career orientation event for teenagers to children in special circumstances in the field of Information Technology on November 19, 2022.

More specifically, American Code Lab will present valuable scholarships to support teenagers’ personal development and future career orientation. In addition, they will have a site visit to the office of American Code Lab in Ho Chi Minh City to help them get acquainted and have an overview of the professional working environment in the future, children will have opportunity to code by themselves under the guidance from practical experience personnel. We expect that American Code Lab can be a great companion to those teenage friends till they have good full-time jobs in the technology field.

America Code Lab hopes that this collaboration with UNICEF Viet Nam will create a healthy, friendly and dynamic environment to help nurture young talents and create many values for society.