Software Developers and learners of the American Code Lab

On Saturday, September 24, 2022 the workshop “Explore Software Developer and Career In Technology” of American Code Lab took place successfully with the participation of guests from strategic partners Code Fellows and 20 participants from different ages and fields of work. 

Guests from Code Fellows and participants in the Workshop "Explore Software Developer and Career In Technology"

During the workshop, speaker Gip Khoan shared knowledge enthusiastically and conscientiously from basic to advanced in the field of Software Development, especially specific steps to create a fundamental website following the subject that attendees chose. Under the detailed, easy-to-understand instructions of speaker and the exclusive standardized curriculum from Code Fellows – American’s leading technology education platform, participants were able to complete a website on their own with full of basic elements such as menu bar, content, images and attached links… Many finished products received “rain” of compliments from speakers and guests, creating inspiration for many participants in the long-term development direction in the technology industry. 

Speaker Gip Khoan teaches the Code CSS language to the participants.

At the end of the event, a large number of participants from different industries shared that through the workshop “Explore Software Developer and Careers In Technology”, they have partly determined their new path when entering the technology industry. Along with that is the joy of participating in the program and the desire to become learners of American Code Lab in the next training courses to upgrade their knowledge and skills in the future. 

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American Code Lab Academy sincerely thanks for participating in representatives from Code Fellows and especially Mr. Mitchell Robertson – Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing of Code Fellows for contributing to the exciting atmosphere of the training event. In particular, thank to participants who spent their valuable time participating in the workshop “Explore Software Developer and Careers In Technology”, you are the important factor in the success of this event. We hope that the sharings of American Code Lab will partly help you on your journey to conquer the top of your career in the information technology industry. 

This workshop is part of activity series that American Code Lab will continue to implement in the near future, with the hope of providing you with useful information about Software Development and career development orientation in the field of Technology.

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