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Recently, ChatGPT has officially climbed to the top of the most searched keywords on Google, even the press and social media sites spend a lot of time mentioning ChatGPT’s breakthrough feature in the technology industry.

In order to directly compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and avoid falling down, Google simultaneously created a chatbot called Bard that was built on the LaMDA language model.

In terms of mechanism, both these chatbots work the same, as long as you enter the question, the request will give a response from the available data source. However, in many aspects, there is still a clear difference between Bard and ChatGPT.

Bard has the ability to simultaneously respond to two questions and direct the reader to the original link, however ChatGPT does not yet have this capability. This gives Google a significant advantage against OpenAI.

However, on the day of the announcement, Bard made a serious mistake when he wrongly answered the question of CEO Sundar Pichai. He asked, “What new discoveries from the James Webb space telescope can I tell my 9-year-old?”, but Bard came up with unexpected data when it asked questions. “JWST has taken the first image of an extrasolar planet. These distant worlds are called exoplanets.” However, according to scientific standard information these distant planets are called “exoplanets” and were first captured by the Very Large Telescope system, not James Webb.

That has led many people to question whether Chat Bard can lead to false information for users, especially young people. Even ChatGPT sometimes still gives incorrect information to the questioner, this is still in the process of being edited to make the two chatbots more complete.

But for the technology field, ChatGPT must have a leading advantage over Bard, when it is highly appreciated by the IT community in using this chatbot to write code. In order to give you the opportunity to experience the real world and listen to the opinions of software developers, American Code Lab will organize a workshop “Programming mobile applications within 4 hours“. Next, create a phone application using ChatGPT through the guidance of the academy’s instructors and mentors.

Registration link:

  • Time: March 5, 08:30 am – 12:30 pm
  • Format: Offline
  • Location: VIPD Building, 04 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Da Kao Ward, District 1