A Premier Digital Toolkit Of American Code Lab


Through research and experimental teaching, American Code Lab realizes that the application of the digital platform is one of the practical solutions for the training process and optimizing the benefits for learners. Based on systematic data and the advice of strategic partners Code Fellows, we have selected and built a full set of digital learning tools specifically for learners with outstanding advantages and features.

  1. Canvas education software is one of the specialized applications of the American Code Lab academy to manage all learning data and learners information. Canvas is built based on Ruby on Rails with an easy-to-see interface, suitable for all users. In addition, the academy has systematized all data about courses, workshops,… on the software so that learners can easily access and search for information according to their needs. The fact that Canvas allows users to integrate the necessary tools and services for the teaching process has made the learner ecosystem diverse, convenient and effective for all forms of learning.
  2. Online project and task management app – Asana exclusively for learners of American Code Lab. The software helps learners to report on project activities after completion easily as well as helps our instructors to monitor and evaluate your work quickly and effectively. In addition, you can communicate with your teammates through the chat feature without the help of third parties such as Gmail, Facebook,… Each project or task on Asana will be assigned its own permissions for privacy, helping to increase the security of the activities of different learners in the courses.
  3. Slack platform is a useful tool for the exchange of information, learning materials, work between instructors and learners. This application is considered a companion to learners during their journey to participate in the American Code Lab’s programmer training course; when all communication about courses, workshops or answering questions about the academy’s problems is mainly through Slack. The biggest advantage of this software is that it can be compatible with most popular operating systems such as macOS, Windows, Android, iOS and can be linked with other storage applications such as Google Drive, Github, Dropbox…
  4. GitHub is a familiar platform for the IT community. It is an open-source and online project management system that acts as a social network for software developers. GitHub is considered an open library, here you can search and refer to the source code to update specialized knowledge, practice your programming ability. Currently, American Code Lab is building its own community of participants on the GitHub platform, posting real software development projects for learners to practice directly as well as practical activities to help improve their skills coding and knowledge exchange with the academy’s participants in this application. In particular, the source code created by learners on GitHub will become concrete proof of the experience, skills and knowledge that will help you become a real software developer because of a part of your application GitHub’s signature jobs will make employers appreciate you.
  5. Audio/Video recording tools: American Code Lab always prioritizes the quality of training for learners, and to ensure effective knowledge acquisition, we decided to use the most advanced tools to record Audio, video recording, presentation of learning materials for online programs. In addition, the academy will send high-quality recordings to learners for review and practice at home.
  6. Invision FreeHand: Apply Whiteboard illustrations to all American Code Lab courses. The Academy will integrate the whiteboard into the Zoom online learning application, help learners visualize the knowledge when they can use writing, drawing, stickers and some other features.
  7. Zoom – a popular distance learning tool in the field of education. After much negotiations, American Code Lab has come to a mutual agreement and officially uses Zoom in all of our courses. This is the optimal platform for teaching, which can connect instructors and learners in all educational activities. It also helps to improve the learning experience and enhance learners engagement by bringing together learning tools. Now with a number of newly updated features, American Code Lab believes that this is the most optimal and flexible platform for learners in this period and even in the future.
  8. It is Google Apps, a toolkit developed based on practical research with many services to support the need of users. All applications from Google such as: Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Mail,… gradually become the default on computers and phones of IT people. Just with a single Gmail account, you can link and use with all Google applications. This is a big plus for the operator of this platform, which helps you back up your data in the Google cloud without losing or stealing information. American Code Lab takes full advantage of the benefits of the Google platform to make the training process more convenient and fast. In addition to communicate with learners through Slack, our learners support specialists regularly interact with them via a specialized Google Mail address that is synchronized within the American Code Lab system. At the same time, all of our workshops and courses are created on Google Calendar as a means of alarm so learners don’t miss out on class time.
  9. With many accounts on different applications, Passpack is the first choice to help you store all your passwords and usernames easily with high security. Just enter the information of the different websites or apps learners have registered and Passpack’s programming system will automatically save that information, organize it in the most perfect way. More specifically, the platform includes the option for learners to log into any of the apps that have been linked to Passpack. So in addition to ensuring the safety of personal accounts, it will help American Code Lab learners faster access to selected websites and applications. Instead of having to strain your brain to memorize multiple accounts on different platforms at the same time, let’s American Code Lab simplify that problem with Passpack.

Above is a full set of learning solutions with advanced digital tools of today’s world, we believe it will inspire in learning and make learning to code easy more than ever. At the same time, American Code Lab hopes that our efforts in technology education will bring many career opportunities to those who want to enter the IT industry and above all, support them to advance your career in this field.

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