5 top secrets that programmers with unrelated degree need to know


The story of changing industry is always a concern of many people, especially when the IT field is gradually becoming more dynamic than ever. The rate of switching jobs to programmers is increase rapidly with attractive salaries and benefits packages along with the ability to be flexible in working hours and environment. In order to help you understand the information before deciding to get into the IT field, American Code Lab introduce to you 5 secrets of tech guys below.

Self-study is essential: In addition to studying at school or at training centers according to standard curriculum, you also need to self-study and learn at home through books, websites, and other materials. Cultivate your true self. This is an extremely important skill that determines your development in this harsh and fast-removing environment.

Learning must go hand-in-hand with practice: Any profession needs practical rubbing to improve itself, but in the IT field, this is a prerequisite for you to go further in your career. For a coder, programming can take up 70% of their daily life. From now on, if you really want to switch into the technology industry, you should gradually adapt to this.

Teamwork skills determine your destiny: Indeed, when most projects need at least 2 people to execute. If you have the opportunity to work in multinational companies, the projects will be international and the number of participants will be more crowded, then you need to have team skills to work and develop right in the environment.

Careful, meticulous: Each line of code, each algorithm needs to be meticulous because you only need to get one word wrong, all the effort will be down the drain and fixing bugs takes a lot of time and cost.

Let’s start from scratch: Learn from the basics, put yourself in the discipline framework as well as have the determination to study hard, then you can easily progress and keep up with the seniors.

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