5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Software Tester


The Covid pandemic is a great challenge for the world economy, but it is also an opportunity to create a breakthrough in some industries. Technology is one of the booming industries after the Covid-19 period, because the epidemic has shown humanity the importance of services on the internet. All connections to work, trade,… are through the network and applications are programmed by modern technology databases. In the difficult conditions of the pandemic, it has become extremely urgent to bring everything online. This is also the premise to help software manufacturing companies constantly develop, along with the increased demand for personnel in the field of Software Testing to ensure the quality of the finished product as well as improve users’ experience.

The above is one of the things that make this industry became popular in recent years and it also is the reason why you should get into Software Testing industry. Besides, there are the top 5 interesting things about the field of Testing that you do not want to miss.

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It challenges and helps you to break through yourself: Because this is an industry that requires quite a lot of disciplines and principles for the testers themselves. Each product has a distinct feature, which can be in many different fields, so it demands employees in this field to have views from many different angles, always cultivate knowledge and constantly explore differences that others can not see. That’s one of the fun things that can help you push your boundaries.

Highly exploratory and creativity: It must be admitted that the field of Software Testing is presented in many fields because any industry has a demand for technology and they need to produce specialized products for businesses with suitable applications and platforms to serve their business needs. So, in addition to normal Testing, QA/QC also needs to analyze the market, create new things to meet the customers’ need in each stage of project development to help Developers complete the product in the best way to deliver to the customer.

In addition to creativity, Testing also gives you technical training in Software Development: Almost QA/QC people need to have a background in Software Development and write codes as a basis. Having an understanding of computer science field is a must, as you must be someone who understands the software and how it works. Testers can manually test the software or create a piece of code to analyze and test specifically for that product. This is quite interesting, because you can concurrently with many different roles, can use many methods to solve the problems to create interesting not to be boring.

Training to be careful and meticulous: Every step of testing for QA/QC people needs to be careful and must not have errors. Because we often say that “Tester is born to debug”, so before the product is delivered to the customer, it is imperative that the people working in the Testing department take a close look and do not allow them to make any mistakes in the process of “scanning” the error, because that will affect the product quality and the reputation of the company.

Constantly learning and absorbing new knowledge: As mentioned above, Testers must be exposed to many software of different fields, so to work effectively they need to update their specialized knowledge and in other fields. This learning not only serves the current job but also becomes a stepping stone to help QA/QC get promoted and position their personal brand in life.

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